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Mit Bezug zur Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit

Warum sollten Schiedsvereinbarungen mit indischen Parteien neu abgeschlossen werden? 
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Arbitration Agreements with Indian Parties Should be Replaced by New Ones
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The Public Policy Exception under the New York Convention: 
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One Consequence of the Landmark Decision of the Indian Supreme Court in Bharat Aluminium Co. V. Kaiser Aluminium Technical Services, Inc.: Arbitration Agreements with Indian Parties Should be Replaced by New Ones 
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The Public Policy Exception under the New York Convention: 
History, Interpretation, and Application

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Does the Refusal of the Enforcement of a Foreign Arbitral Award in Violation of Public International Law Constitute a Damages Claim for the Claimant?
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Allgemeine Themen

International Best Practices Survey in Civil Litigation 
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Mit Bezug zur Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit

Efficient Arbitration - techniques to minimise delay and expense in international cross-border disputes

IPBA Annual Meeting (Co-Moderator) - Auckland, Neuseeland, April 2017

Judicial interventions, perceptions and reactions - the civil-common law approaches:
Enforcement of awards, decisions and orders
CIArb International Arbitration Conferences 2017 - Dubai, März 2017

Insolvency and the Right to Arbitrate
(Moderator) Hongkong, Oktober 2016

International Commercial Arbitration 
Manila/Makati, Philippinen, August 2016

Expedited Arbitration Proceedings, and Emergency Arbitration Proceedings
Manila/Makati, Philippinen, August 2016

You Finally Got your Award – AND NOW? – Enforcing Foreign Awards 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 2016

Arbitration vs. Litigation: Differences in Pleading, Procedure & Practice
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 2016

Ethics in International Arbitration 
(Moderator), Hongkong, Oktober 2015

Third Party Funding in International Arbitration – how to protect the integrity of the proceeding?
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 2015

Public Policy and International Arbitration 
Lissabon, Portugal, Mai 2015

New Developments in the Arbitration Laws in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru
(Moderator), Sao Paulo, Brasilien, März 2015

Enforcing Foreign Arbitral Awards in India: Is there Really Light at the End of the Tunnel?
Hongkong, Oktober 2014

Public Policy Exception under Art. V of the New York Convention
Riga, Litauen 2014

Some Basics on Dispute Resolution in the People's Republic of China
Maui, Hawaii, USA, Juli 2013

The Arbitrator and Considerations of Public Policy
Dallas, TX, USA, Juni 2013

Third Party Funding of Arbitration: 
The Future of Global Dispute Resolution or an Ethical Blackhole 
Atlanta, GA, USA, April 2013

Recent Developments in the Arbitration Law in India
Seoul, Korea, April 2013

The Public Policy Defense under Art. V (2) of the New York Convention as applied in India
Asheville, NC, USA, Juli 2012

Pitfalls in M&A Agreements from the View of an Arbitral Tribunal
Stuttgart, April 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of International Commercial Arbitration
Seoul, Korea, Mai 2011

Ethical Considerations and Technical Strategies in the Selection of Arbitrators
Barcelona, Spanien, Juli 2010

Does a Violation of the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards Constitute a Damage Claim of the Foreign Party under a Bilateral Investment Treaty? – "Enforcement" of Multilateral International Treaties by Private Parties
Stuttgart, Juni 2010

What went Wrong with the Ideas of Inexpensive and Speedy Dispute Resolution by Arbitration? 
Ways and Means to Fit it 

(Moderator), Dallas, TX, Juni 2010

Enforcement of a Foreign Arbitral Award in India
Stuttgart, Juli 2009

Basic Principles of International Arbitration
Brüssel, Belgien, November 2005

Pitfalls of Arbitration in Europe
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Allgemeine Themen

M&A by Chinese Companies in Europe – Pitfalls?
Shenzhen, China, Oktober 2016

Can I lie about the facts in front of State Courts? 
(Moderator), Brüssel, Belgien, Oktober 2016

Drafting Internationally Enforceable International Agreements
Waldkirch, November 2016, 
Frankfurt, Köln, München (2013 and 2014)
Sao Paulo, Brasilien, August 2013 
Plano, TX, USA, Juni 2013  

International Agreements
München, September 2015

Bangkok, Thailand, Oktober 2014

Determining When and How to Outsource Legal Services
Plano, TX, USA, Juni 2013

How to Compete Successfully with Global Law Firms
Moskau, Russland, Mai 2013

China – Coming Legal Issues Multinational Companies Will Face Doing Business in China 
(Moderator), London, England, Oktober 2012

The Toughest Questions Facing International Lawyers and Some Answers
Dallas, TX, USA, Juni 2012

Enforceable Contracts with Chinese Parties
Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, München 2012

Enforceable Agreements with Companies in BRIC-Countries: 
Drafting Contracts, and Dispute Resolution

München, März 2012

Anti-Corruption Briefing: 
German and EU Regulatory & Enforcement Trends & Challenges for Turkish Companies

Istanbul, Türkei, Oktober 2011

Surviving the Changing Legal Market: 
Strategies for Local Law Firms to Succeed in Increased Competition – A German Perspective

Seoul, Korea, Oktober 2011

Pre-contractual Liability: Rules Abroad – Pitfalls for U.S. Companies
Dallas, TX, USA, Juni 2011

Attorney-Client Privilege for In-house Counsel and Outside Attorneys – 
Are the U.S. Attorney-Client Privilege and the Work Product Doctrine Relevant Abroad?

Dallas, TX, USA, Juni 2011

The International Anti-Corruption Legislation – A Continental European Perspective
Mailand, Italien, Mai 2011

Enforceable Agreements with Chinese Companies
München und Düsseldorf, 2011

After "Akzo Nobel" – New Risks for German Companies
Stuttgart, Dezember 2010

The Winning Brief
München, Oktober 2010

Mastering New Challenges in a Globalized Economy; 
Hot Topics for In-House Counsel and Their Outside Advisors

Director of the International Corporate Counsel College, Paris, Frankreich, Oktober 2010

The Globalization of National Law – 
Extraterritorial Implications of Foreign Laws affecting Business, even in the US

Dallas, TX, USA, Juni 2010

Dawn Raids – How to be Prepared?
Dallas, TX, USA, Juni 2010

Resolving International Disputes if you cannot do it in U.S. Federal Court – a Nightmare? – 
Ways and Means to Fix it 

(Moderator), Dallas, TX, USA, Juni 2010

A Revival of Protectionism? A Look at Europe
Zurich, Switzerland, Oktober 2009 

International Group Liability Risks – China, France, India, Italy, and the USA
Stuttgart, Juni 2009

Anti-Corruption – A European Perspective
Santiago de Chile, Chile, Oktober 2008

International Mergers & Acquisitions 
(Co-Chair), Dallas, TX, USA, Juni 2008

Mergers & Acquisitions in Europe
Hsinchu, Taiwan, Juni 2008

Mergers & Acquisitions in Germany
Taipei, Taiwan, Juni 2008

Foreign Hot Topics for U.S. Companies
Chicago, IL, USA, April 2008

International Corporate Compliance and Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions
Washington, DC, USA, Februar 2008

What should U.S. Lawyers Expect when Hiring Foreign Counsel?
Kohala Coast, Hawaii, USA, Februar 2008

Critical Global Markets: Brazil 
(Co-Chair), Dallas, TX, USA, Juni 2007

Criminalization of Corporate Conduct
London, England, Mai 2007

Investing in India and in the U.S.A.
New Delhi, Indien, Oktober 2006

Doing Business with and in India
(Co-Chair), Plano, TX, USA, Juni 2006 

Internationalization – Attractive Future Markets
Baden-Baden, Dezember 2006

Doing Business with and in Germany
New Delhi, Indien, Mai 2006

International Purchasing
München 2005

Trying the Pharmaceutical Products Liability Case: 
Claims, Procedures and Remedies in Germany

Colorado Springs, CO, USA, Juli 2005

Introduction Regarding Dawn Raids Conducted by the EU Commission 
and German Competition Authorities in Germany

San Juan, Puerto Rico, Februar 2005

Defending German companies before US-American Courts
Stuttgart 2004

Founding and establishing a subsidiary in the USA
Deutschland, 1995-2002

Possible legal forms for investments in the USA
Deutschland, 1995-2002

Application of the Vienna Sales Convention
Melbourne, Australien, Oktober 1994

The Formation of the European Union
Tokio, Japan, September 1993

Investment Opportunities for U.S. Companies in Germany
USA (1988-1996)

Pre-trial Discovery of Documents in Germany
San Francisco, CA, USA, August 1988